Legal Services

Why Jennings Incorporated?

It is our mission to deliver a service that not only meets the expectation of our client but exceeds it.

We endeavour to retain a close relationship with each of our clients and to always provide the most cost-effective service which still yields results.

Legal Services

Correspondent Services

We act as correspondent attorneys for various other firms from across South Africa. We can assist as correspondents in the following jurisdictions:

1. Pretoria High Court.
2. Pretoria Central Magistrate’s Court.
3. Pretoria North Magistrate’s Court.
4. Randburg Magistrate’s Court.
5. Cullinan Magistrate’s Court.
6. Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court.
7. Johannesburg High Court (Local Division).
8. Constitutional Court.
9. Labour Court.


Civil Litigation

We have a broad range of knowledge pertaining to insolvency matters, from liquidations to sequestrations. Our office also deals with family law, commercial law, property law, interdicts, evictions (commercial and residential), contract law and corporate law.

Conveyancing & Notary​ (Property Law)

We attend to all conveyancing and notary related matters with diligence. We strive for fast turnaround times, reliability and a high standard of continued excellence. We offer affordable services wherein we build long lasting relationships with our clients. We guide and educate our clients through every step of the conveyancing and notary procedures and ensure that our clients have no unanswered questions for 100% client satisfaction.

We can assist with the following:

  • Notarial deeds and bonds
  • Ante-nuptial contracts
  • Post-nuptial contracts
  • Notarisation of documents
  • Servitudes
  • Amendment to current matrimonial property regimes
  • Offer to purchase
  • Agreement of sale
  • Property transfers
  • Bond registrations
  • Sub-divisions
  • Consolidations
  • Lease agreements
  • Long term lease agreements
  • Low cost housing transfers

Debt Collection

We act as attorneys for various Homeowners Associations and Body Corporates and attend to their debt collection needs. We also act as attorneys for various security and cleaning services entities and collect fees due and payable for services rendered on their behalf. We attend to all debt collection matters with a no – nonsense result driven approach.

Cost Consulting

As Jennings Incorporated is a firm of attorneys, who attend to general civil litigation –
and act as cost consultants for our own bills of costs. We understand the need for a cost consultant to be a litigant to understand the legal process, especially when considering the bill of cost to be drawn or opposed. We have right of appearance in the High Court and can therefore personally attend taxations on behalf of clients.

We confirm that we can assist with the following:
1.1 Drawing of bills of cost – both Attorney and Client and Party and Party scale.
1.2 Attending taxations in Magistrates, Regional and High Courts.
1.3 Opposing Bills of Cost.

We attend to the taxations in all courts which are in the Jurisdiction of our various offices. Our fees are in accordance with the Tariff as advertised in the Government Gazette from time to time as applicable.


General Legal Advice

We act as legal advisors for clients, advising on general business-related legal questions. We assist with legal compliance relating to their relevant individual requirements. Knowing that not all legal matters are of a clear and concise nature, we endeavour to dissect each enquiry to find the best possible solution. Many legal disputes may be resolved through arbitration, mediation or basic dispute resolution. We view matters holistically with the intention of finding a cost effective and value adding result. We remain mindful that some issues will possibly revert to litigation. We advise on contracts, general legislation, compliancy matters as well as any other general legal questions our clients may have.


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